Sunday, 20 March 2011

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Drawing to an end

IT HAS BEEN a while since I last updated my blog, but now Uni for the year is drawing to an end. Scarily it is now two weeks since I finished all my work for the year! I have been keeping myself busy though. Last week I helped out with ITN with ITV News election coverage, which was really interesting and great experience! As well as this I have been sorting out lots of other bits and pieces, as well as my new job presenting on You can listen to me on weekdays between 4 and 6pm!

The weekend before last weekend was rather dull, as everyone went home in the flat! At least it gave me time to sort some more on my trip to Australia sorted though, I am off in just over two weeks now, so excited!

I have recently been making up for all the hard work though the year, starting with last Sunday when we went to Alton Towers. Then on Monday we went to Kiss at the MEN Arena, which was pretty cool! Taking Dawn where supporting and they were good too.

Then today I have been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and on all the rides! All of us from my flat went so was really good day. Nathan doesn’t really like rollercoaster’s or rides in general; however we got him on a few things! Despite numerous attempts though we didn’t get him on Pepsi max, which was probably my favourite ride.

Pic thanks to FishyFish

When Nathan went home as usual last weekend he decided, as Ben had his girlfriend over which can cause trouble that he had better padlock his cupboard. I think it was probably a good idea, though Ben did attempt to burn the padlock for a while. It didn’t really achieve much though other than a boiling hot padlock and a smouldered cupboard!

I will be sad when the uni year is over as had a really good set of flat mates and another great year! Only around two weeks left now until we all move out and then I will be back here again next September! At least I have my auss trip to look forward too! :-)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Uni done for another year!

WELL IT HAS been a busy few days and a good weekend but now all my uni work is in for another year! Apart from the work I have also been up quite a few other bits and bobs!

We had a nice BBQ on Saturday which was rather nice. Think with the nice weather suddenly a lot of people thought it was a good idea, as we weren’t on our own! Anyway after it slowly got started it was reasonably successful and we cooked a good load of food.

Then last night we went for Frankie and Bennie Monday Madness, 25% of your bill brilliant! Still not the cheapest but we had really nice meal, we were all really stuffed after that! I convinced Nathan to buy a 15” pizza which was meant to be for families, but he didn’t read that bit. Unsurprisingly he didn’t finish it, but it was a laugh.

And with the end of my work handed in there are only a few weeks until I move out for the summer! Then the new term is in sight and I will be a third year and then before I know it, it will be this time next year and I will be getting a proper job!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nathan cooking a cake!

Nathan came back from the library the other day and we set him a challenge. We took him to the kitchen and set him the challenge of cooking a basic sponge cake. We knew this would be interesting, owing to his previously demonstrated cooking skills. We had set out all the required ingredients on the table, including a few extra like pepper and oregano.

After uming and aring for a bit and admitting he really didn’t know what he was doing he decided to get on with it. Attempt one, her put a load of plain flour in a bowl and then stirred in lots of water. He then decided this looked wrong so tipped it away and started again.
Attempt two started in much the same way with plain flour, but without water. He then preceded to add two eggs, quite a bit of water and some milk. He then decided to add some self raising flour and some sugar. It was not quite that simple, but eventually he decided it was finished.

He then set about lining the pan, which we use as a cake tin. The lining was interesting, with lots of separate bits of tin foil, however the greasing was even better with large chunks of butter left all over!

Poring in the mixture he decided it would need 2 hours on 250 degrees Celsius. After he put cake in the oven however we quickly turned the temperature down, so at least it stood a chance. It was then done and brought out of the oven. Unsurprisingly due to the lack of self raising flour it had not really risen at all.

We then got April, as it was her birthday, saying that Nathan has cooked a cake for her birthday. She cut the cake, after he had scraped it out of the pan. Then we all politely ate some, it tasted very interesting. It was a kind of mix between a pancake and sweet Yorkshire pudding, it was stodgy.

So this was Nathan’s cake cooking challenge. Please note Nathan uses explicit language

This is part 2!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pretty much done for another year!

WELL I HAVE been so busy getting the end of this work done for University this year! So pretty much finished for this year now. Also excitingly only a few weeks left until I am of to Australia.

With all the work though I am looking forward to going out for my friend’s birthday tomorrow night! Well I have been thinking back through the highlights off going out this year! Obviously the ultimate has to be when Nathan got brought back in handcuffs! I wasn’t actually around as I was doing Panto, but I have defiantly heard a lot about it. There was a call out in the LRV, the club at Uni, saying that could anyone who knows Nathan please go to the front. Ben went and found bouncers around Nathan, who was insisting he was all right, and kept trying to get up only to be pushed back over. Eventually when he was chucked out him and Ben started walking home only for Nathan to put to hands on a fence and decide he wasn’t moving any further.

Well after an hour or so Ben decided to get security from where we live to come. After a while of being abusive and Nathan telling them “f**k of yellow coats” they managed to just start to get him to move. However then University security from the other site rolled up telling our security, it wasn’t their patch, but Nathan knew the security from our side. Anyway at this time Nathan firmly held back on to the fence and the police where promptly called. Nathan was again abusive and told them they couldn’t tell him what to do and as such they decided to handcuff him behind his back. They then spoke to Ben deciding he wasn’t too drunk; before they marched Nathan home and Ben had to sign to be legally responsible for him! In the morning Nathan wondered why he had marks around his wrists, because he had tried to break of the handcuffs. The other amusing thing was that it was Nathans aunt who sent the police out, as she works in the control centre, so when she put two and two together she rolled up at whatever time it was in the morning to see Nathan in such a state. Following this incident Ben create a Facebook group saying Nathan should not drink!

Just another, but rather interesting day at Uni! Other than this day however there have been many more eventful nights. Nathan is usually the worst when we go out, often collapsing in the hallway, although I am often not too far behind him!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Tonight I am going to eat ...

IT CAN MEAN only one thing that yet again Nathan has decided to have a tinned dinner. The only problem if of course that none of his tins have labels on them, leaving him to guess. He barely got them back from Tesco’s this time before Ben yet again got busy removing all the labels. This left Nathan with around a dozen unlabeled identical tin’s in his cupboard! Nathan does however seem pretty good at guessing what is what and yet again managed to select a curry, as he was after.

Been out all day today; busy with Uni work and shopping! I have made a few improvements today to my blog so please check out my sidebar and don’t forget to comment on my posts and let me know what you think!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

All fat and fed!

YUM, ALL FAT AND FED and also good is that I have now managed to finish most of my work! Ben made his Spaghetti bolognaise for dinner which was rather good! I brought a cake tin whilst I was at home so decided to put it to good use and make a cake. I decided on making an Apple and Cinnamon cake so got going, whilst Ben was making dinner.

First problem I realised was of course no scales and I am not the best at judging amounts. Ben suggested I used my digital bathroom scales, so I tried them however they were not accurate enough, not even recognising when we put the entire bag of flour on them.

The next problem was that we didn’t have enough self raising flour, however with a quick trip around to next door that was quickly sorted. The next thing was that I didn’t have any caster sugar so Ben suggested I ground down the granulated sugar. Not having a pestel and morta I ground it down using the back of a meat tenderiser. After that I then set about adding my ingredients, I was a bit worried as it originally turned out more like dough but with a big of a extra milk it was all right. So I poured in into the tin and shoved it in the oven. Meanwhile I began to clear up as I had made rather a lot of mess!

An hour or so later it was ready and we all tried some. It tasted pretty good, considering I had guessed the amounts, I was pretty impressed. It didn’t taste quite right though, I think there was probably not enough sugar in it. But all in all was pretty impressed and even Nathan tried some as he had just got back!

Nathan managed to miss his train, so instead got a lift back with his Dad; sure he was happy with that! Ben decided to yet again wrestle him, trying to get into Nathans room. It lasted quite a while, backwards and forward with Nathan stronger but Ben kept getting his arm or leg jammed in the door. Eventually a knackered Ben gave up, allowing Nathan to quickly lock his door shut. Ben’s arm is now nicely grazed and he it knackered, but I suppose that’s what he deserved really!